We talk, i feel at home. I pour out the deepest parts of my mind, heart and soul to you. i tell you of the scars running deep within my heart and trust that you will listen without passing any judgments. I share with you my greatest moments of joy, knowing that we celebrate without envy. I tell you of the falls and crazy decisions and you tell me to go on. I ask if I’m that insane and you are quick to say no. Maybe all this is just my way of saying that I appreciate you and your time.


I am grateful


pic credit:lovethispic.com

Lord, I look back and I’m grateful. Grateful for the life I live, grateful for where I am. grateful for where you have taken me from, grateful for what I’v been through. I have had to grind and sweat for a lot, some things have just come as answered prayers, some i haven’t even had to pray for, but i still have and I’m grateful. For the people who have walked in and out of my life, whether by choice or the time had come I am grateful. For the beautiful smile that has never failed to show even in my darkest hour, its all gratitude above all.

I am eternally grateful, for I am a woman, a phenomenal one, both strong and weak, like fire and ice, all facades which i gladly embrace. I cry and still emerge better. I am thrown shade on yet I still shine, sometimes more than anyone else in the room, because my heart is eternally grateful.

They have called me family, and have stood by me through the messy and the easy, for them I am grateful. I remember when i used to call mom and tell her how scared i am of taking exams, she would always tell me that, “Baby you are a star so you will shine.” and shine is what i did. I still call her, just less often, but she still knows that she raised a fighter. And I hope I will tell her enough times, how grateful i am for her.

For everyone else, who has cared, given a thought, in a world where no one still thinks about someone else’s happiness,I am grateful. I tell my heart, my soul, never to stop playing to the rhythm of gratitude for life is beautiful.