You make him…


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My unborn daughter, to you my love.The girl I wish to see growing up to be more like me but better in every sense of the word, I write to you to tell you of my lessons from life.

You will grow up to be told of fairy-tale love. I hope you get to watch and read the Cinderella stories of our time. We will protect you from reality because we want you to grow with an imagination that runs wild and with untainted faith in humanity. You will grow up seeing the love that your father and I have, which is truest in its form. He will be there for you in every way possible and you will never get hurt.That my love, will be your idea of what men are. I will show you what happiness really should be and what respect for other beings truly means. But that will be us protecting you from the world. One day you will meet a guy, fall hopelessly in love, maybe he will be one of the many you have been with since we had the birds and the bees talk, but this will be real and you will know it.

My love, he will not be perfect. He will not be like your father because even him, I built him to be where we are, just like he did with me. You will hate some things about him, you will compromise more than once because you know that he is your home where you find love. He might just have dreams, but you nature them and make him believe that he can achieve all of them, if he doesn’t, you will love him the same. He might not look the way you want him to, and dress the way you think will make him look more handsome and respectable, but you my dear will fix that over time. Do not worry the nurturing part of you will take care of that. When he comes home exhausted and a mess, you will give him a place to let it all out and heal for the next day, you saw your father happy almost every morning, I took care of that. He might have wayward opinions of people and love and politics and sports and everything, you will listen, learn all about him and be the company he needs because in all that you will also find your place in life.

He will err just like you will do so many times. but as they say, to err is human and to forgive is divine. Take your time to love him either way from your beautiful soul. Talk to him, tell him your worries and like your father he will take care of you. Share with him your joys and achievements, and he will help you soar even higher. Build him up love, and he will do the same for you. You will not get the successful young man who has it all and knows it all, but in the end, you will look back, old and grey and smile knowing how far you have come together, probably from nothing, just like your father and I. So have a big heart, do not expect perfection in people, learn and grow with him, you will be a happy soul, not just a beautiful one.


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