My love, that wont change..


photo credit:Ismail Raja Sulbar

You left once, you left again and you say that this is the last time that you will take his crap. What you fail to realise is that all those little reasons you have been leaving keep pointing to the same real reason over and over again.


He has never made an effort. He has never pursued you. He has never endured the difficult times, and in the good times he has acted like it meant nothing at all. He has lied and you have caught him time and again, yet you still see the good in him. He little flicker of goodness still gives you hope like a ray of sunshine in a cold winter morning, that maybe he will be what you dream of. You still come to me crying and because I have been where you are now, I let you be. I let you make that mistake hoping that maybe you get to be luckier than me, or you get to realise how wrong we still are in the end. We have gone around in the same old circles, expecting a different turn, a different result from it all. My love, we still get the same old hurt, scorn,scars, tears and this time I wont let you. Leave it all behind. Hold my hand to start over. Talk to me all you want, I am here till the morning. come and let me give you hope because from there I get my hope also. Let us share our stories again and laugh at the notion of stupid unconditional love. Close your eyes, hold my hand and start over, I will be by your side as your true friend. or maybe, just maybe, he will do right by you this time around.


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