I had hoped …


Pic credit: Chigirev Portrait Photography

Pic credit :
Chigirev Portrait Photography

Looking back at it,  how it all began. How we were great. How we laughed all day.  How we cared and how it meant to talk.  The smile each time there was a goodbye, knowing that we would count the hours until we saw each again.  I had hoped that we would have that forever.
I had hoped that we would achieve every Dream,  pat each other’s back,  pick up the pieces for each other when we got broken,  lift each other on our feeble shoulders just to reach every possible height.  I had just hoped.
I had hoped we would grow old together. Walk with crooked backs and laugh at the many steamy hours we used to have.  The long days spent in bed just to talk about all and anything. The long walks we had just to pass time together, the nights out that made out hearts sparkle,  the kids we would have who would look like their mom,  the times we would fight and make up all night.  The love we shared that made our journey worth the while.
I had hoped that we shared the same dreams at night,  that you saw in me what I saw in you,  that you would be afraid of loosing me even in your dreams,  that you would make me the one that would never get away. That when I smiled you saw my heart beaming with what I felt and dreamt.
I had hoped and I still hope that you share the same hopes or at least one day you will. 


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