I know of a man, a man in love..

pic credit: thefrisky.com

Over the years, from experience, my friends’ experiences and just looking around, I have come to know of a few things about this kind of man. I will break it down like this;

  1. He stops being selfish, thinking about him and his ego. Yes there are trained professionals in knowing when to put the ladies first but this man, he just doesn’t try hard. It becomes second nature to him, his woman’s needs first although he does not forget to take care of himself.
  2. He wants the world to know about it, the fact that he has found a love that he can call his own. He does not hesitate to introduce his woman and love to all who matter as his woman not just Katy or Chido or some pseudo kinda phrase. And sometimes to those who are not that significant in his life, he just wants them to know, and that excludes facebook and changing whatsapp profile pics like dippers lol.
  3. And on the social media note, he just has to put one or two pics out there. Maybe for the wolves to stay away, or maybe to just know that its there, but point is, his woman is not a secret to hide.
  4. Spending time with his woman is what he tries to do whenever possible, for the sake of the memories if making her happy is an obvious one. Whether its grabbing their favourite ice cream over lunch, or just taking long walks on a lazy Saturday afternoon, or just that visit kumaraini(in the neighborhood) after a long day of work, for the detoxing and destressing effect you know. To him its all worth it.
  5. He tries as much as he can to save the burning house and everyone in it. In other words, when the relationship goes through that dreaded phase( oh trust me, its DREADED), where everything that can go wrong goes wrong and things start falling apart, he tries. It’s all about trying, he does his best, she does her best and you know how that goes.
  6. He knows the importance of Good morning love, good night hun, whether he is home or thousands of miles away.
  7. He sees a future, even a day, a week or a month, of happiness and love with the woman who is right there in his life.
  8. The golden rule, he never ever cheats..
  9. He knows the importance of being patient,loving, trusting and forgiving. And how it reciprocates if he keeps giving all three.
  10. He goes down on his knees, to pray for his love, that part is priceless.

So on that note, i will have to find a woman in love for the next post…


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