what defines us??


cool….Many a times have I pondered over the question, who really defines me. Growing up I have gone through transitions, identity crisis, strong character build but I still fail to recognise myself on some days. People say things and try to redefine us, they want us to look like them, talk like them, dress like them or sometimes they just want to be us. Along the way, I have had days when I would go back home sad because I was told something by someone who thinks that something about me is so imperfect. But I am gonna take it from my sister, ‘We define ourselves, who we are and who we are going to be,” and as long as I don’t choose to think of myself as the beautiful, elegant and blessed crazy engineer that I am, I’ll spend my life trying to code some perfect DNA into my life and my system. so hey, I am ME and I define that!!!cool....


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