Stolen moments or the girl who waits for success…

Being Mary Jane, might be what most educated African women are turning to, but in the end are they just adding to the  Olivia Pope crew?

One person argued that Liv is slowly giving hope and comfort to all the side chics out there. Aha believe it or not at one point it seemed really cool, when you are in the heat of the series, when Fitz runs to Liv, and they you know mwaaaa mwaaa, leaving madam president at home alone, just for that moment, when you think that the divorce word will swirl your ears as beautiful music, and you think that it really is cool having to displace someone, sending out the message that you are hotter. Wake up and smell the sweet coffee before you wake up and realise that you have turned into Mary Jane. There is nothing prestigious, cool, amazing about being a side chic because you can as well show off your hotness by being his main chic and by his meaning your man that you have to yourself and who does not go home to his wife or avoid your calls when he is with bae. And you say that all good men were taken when you were busy building your career, pursuing your dreams, doing whatever you deamed necesssary for u to succeed. But iv been told that women were blessed with the power to multitask lol . Dont let that serious handsome loving awesome guy pass by because you are busy with yo… Because oh no the world just does not need any more Olivias, leave it for fantasy and entertainment.

Now on Mary J, the successful unhappy lady worrying about her eggs frying themselves in her tummy, make choices that you are happy with. Make your bed and lie in it. You think you can handle being single at 35 then be happy about it, you cant, woman get your own man and marry him, and do not, i repeat do not put any pressure on yourself to settle down kana zvisati zvakuita. because you will end up either in the wrong marriage or being in a marriage that you were not quite prepared for, worst case, you will also put pressure on that man that you would have secured for yourslef and he will flee, literally.

So ladies, kumhanya handiko kusvika at the same time chinono chine ingwe bere rakadya richifamba. Make the right choices for your future, in a stable mental, spiritual, physical , emotional and monetary state. Keep on being elegant…



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