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SO i have had the opportunity to observe the most amazing part of humans, the off springs, their kids.. Just from watching and listening, i have learnt what other parents do not even get a chance to learn in a lifetime. Being two children with a 3 year age difference with my sister, this is the only opportunity that I have had and it has been nothing short of amazing. They are from all over, church, neighborhood, relatives’ homes and they call me their friend, funny isn’t it??

The first lesson is that they want to be head all the time. Whether they are talking about their new shoes from mommy, new toothbrush, beautiful sandals that they frantically signal for my attention so that i just acknowledge how amazing or great their new things are. A compliment on the other hand sends them blushing, smiling and for all I know, the new shoes or dress are all they want now because someone pointed out how nice it is. So ladies you aren’t the only ones who love to be showered with those compliments, daddy your daughter needs them too for her confidence.# winkwink

They tell stories, from imaginary ones, exaggerated ones, real stories about home and about their friend who keeps on playing chikudo(beating up others lol). Some have even reported their mom for beating them to me and I laugh it off after assuring them that they should listen to what mommy says so that she plays nice. They see me eating something, they tell me about the last time they also had that meal. BUT that’s that because Zimbabwean kids are taught not to ever eat in other people’s households for fear of being bewitched(usakwate iwe!!!).

These beautiful kids just want to play all day, they have even knocked at this 20 something year old’s door when all the other friends are not around, to say hello. But I know that they will be looking for more than just a hello but a substitute awkaward friend, but hey i don’t play dolls anymore lol. So parents, take time to be their other friend, it’s good for the bond.

FRANKNESS!!! Yo kids are frank haha. I believe that no adult can even match up to that kind of frankness. They call a spade a spade not a big spoon lol. They tell you how they feel. One went on to say in my face, “you are no longer my friend,” because I had failed to comply to her demands. They turn from smily face to tantrums in no time at all.

Be nice to them, they don’t want mommy dearest anymore but you. Even if you can only be around them for a few minutes, why? Because all parents do is to bark and scream commands so turn on the soft side sometimes, Its rewarding.

Finally DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT  curse your kid, save that for… Well even dogs are being called all these nice thing like sweety pie muff muff and all that gibberish. tell them how beautiful they are for their confidence. Teach them humility and serving others. teach them to say thank you and I’m sorry. Tell them things that you would want to see them grow up to be one day. Well if you want to raise a lazy good for nothing naughty freaky adult , keep on calling them that. I might not be really be a parent now but that is the kind of parent that I would want to be one day. The one who calls that little boy or girl a genius, wise naughty clever thing, beautiful, amazing and just the best.

So parents take a day off from being a parent, and be your baby’s friend. Who said you are too old for a game on your day off. Wise words I believe from the elegant innovator.


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