SHE @ twenty-something

pic credit: birthdaycakeimages

So… i turn 20 something in a day and was looking for the ideal cake that i would want to get for myself, vain as it may seem lol. But hey, a girl can still do that no judgement right. I came along a cake that i would most certainly want to get some of the people in my life, the likes of mmmmh, let me not name and shame. but they do know themsleves, the ladies’ men, cassanovas, they who believe that these babes were put here on earth just to fall in love with them.


pic credit: birthdaycakeimages

The irony right. Mmm let me leave that one, a story for another day.

It got me thinking about the things that i have achieved so far and the things that i am most grateful for in my life despite the mid-life crisis which occasionally peaks in to just say hey once in a while.

  1. Above all the chance to know and fall in love with God. That superseds all else and the fact that His love is there for me in my imperfection and weaknesses. #priceless
  2. My crazy family, hey…WORDS are not enough for real. My dad with his crazy stories which are lies half of the time all for the sake of our entertainment. Mom, the one who can scream the sense into anyone lol. Little sister who is adorable as ever and my pillar of strength, actually a well of inspiration which rarely runs dry.
  3. …….. mmmmmh #smile
  4. My friends, crazy, loving, cuddly, fluffy, sweet cute. The list goes on.
  5. How i have turned out, not so bad after all considering how mom screamed that i do this and that, yah right, I’m my own person hantika(OK?)
  6. Lessons that life has taught me, all invaluable and yet amazing, and painful at times.The smile.. Vain maybe but you can make your own humble list lol. It really has been perfected over the years of cause….
  7. The way i see life, I know it has to be awesome in some way. Be nice to me and I might explain.
  8. The dreamer in me. Good life, beautiful kids, sexy hunky funny hubby, mmm list is too long. But i dream it all with my eyes open and closed. AND i work my ass of for it(not literally lol)
  9. The amazing people whom i have met along the way, some loveable, some not so much, other just there for the lessons, some i will definitely hold onto, others are just fading memories but it has all been worth a while.

I will finish this long list next year…


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