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I have jumped from one interest to another, from reading to writing to just talking lol, but hey it’s only a matter of time before I get the Big Bang moment of my life. Let me elaborate, espagorate and do all the “ates”.

So growing up I never (I mean never ever) thought about that little tiny creature that has been torturously crawling into my space called life purpose this way. Ndaiti pamwe ka going to school, getting good grades, getting a “good” degree was the purpose. Now that I have all that, counting long hours at home, I have been given a second chance to rethink, mm thought second chances are only talked about in church LOL. For the greater part of my childhood I thought that a woman’s purpose was just to at least get whatever it is that they called  a decent education and….BE A WIFE who makes pretty sweet smelling toothless nice babies, cooks, dresses well and just that. Still if that were the case yowe I’m far from living out my purpose ka. Its haunting me day and night, when I wake up stretching in the morning thinking of how to spend my jobless day, what all the motivational speakers have said in my life echoes like that loud 5 am rising bell at boarding school, ”What is your life purpose?”

I believe that this is the biggest discovery of one’s life. It beats anything else that I have found out, from my true love, my love for pizza and burger (yummy), or my career path, even my deepest darkest fear. A part of me thought for months that it’s supposed to miraculously bring me happiness though but hell no! I somehow managed to convince myself that without it I would be a miserable walking zombie ka, to the extent of putting a sticky note on my wall to remind me every single day that I’m missing the only crucial piece of the puzzle left. No I refuse to have that (over my dead body!!)  LOL. Happiness is what I make of every moment, aware of my purpose or not cause if that was the case eh the majority of the world would have literally committed suicide long back. I am on a long journey, to discover who I am, what I want, why I am here, why I have the gifts that I have and ultimately that little or shall I say humongous creature called purpose. And on this journey I choose to take every day as it comes, live every moment as it is passed, enjoy the long wasted days because busier days are going to come, hopefully not too busy to enjoy with the people that are dear to me. So hama, I may not know my purpose yet, but I choose to live, because the elegant innovator makes lemonade, loves hard and enjoys it all, ko kutyei (why not) LOL. From the young elegant African innovator to the rest of the elegant innovators out there.


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