The bitter sweet pain😅

So finally, after four good years of studying for my undergrad in engineering, I finish🎓🎓. And all I can come up with are the bitter sweet memories. This has been the most difficult part of my journey as an elegant and innovative young African woman.  I can’t help but feel good and triumphant. I keep on smiling as a thought keeps on sweeping through the back of my mind every five minutes, it was all worth it. I have friends, I found love, I grew up, learnt about being that innovative woman, and above all, I learnt to take each beautiful moment as it came, and each fall as a thorn that I could either live with or deal with…
I am better and bolder, cooler and oh more confident, with dreams bigger than those I had at the beginning of my journey. Life is beautiful and is for living. I am living mine, counting one more victory, another trophy in my invisible cabinet. Elegant innovators, are you living yours???


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