The bitter sweet pain😅

So finally, after four good years of studying for my undergrad in engineering, I finish🎓🎓. And all I can come up with are the bitter sweet memories. This has been the most difficult part of my journey as an elegant and innovative young African woman.  I can’t help but feel good and triumphant. I keep on smiling as a thought keeps on sweeping through the back of my mind every five minutes, it was all worth it. I have friends, I found love, I grew up, learnt about being that innovative woman, and above all, I learnt to take each beautiful moment as it came, and each fall as a thorn that I could either live with or deal with…
I am better and bolder, cooler and oh more confident, with dreams bigger than those I had at the beginning of my journey. Life is beautiful and is for living. I am living mine, counting one more victory, another trophy in my invisible cabinet. Elegant innovators, are you living yours???


All seasons change..


There are days when i wonder why some events, circumstances and life events do not change. Only today after attending church service did it dawn on me, there are seasons in each and every one of our lives. T
he dry season might be prolonged but it will definitely end. The good seasons also do come to an end, but it is what we do in each of those seasons that determines how life is.  I choose to be happy in my lowly times, and to share my joy in blissful seasons because I know that under the earth, seasons change.  As a young, black African woman, I choose to be hopeful, to be there for others in their dry deserts and not to be envious of those in the brighter season. Like Ecclesiastes says, the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor yet  favour to men of skill but time and chance happens to us all. So I smile on through it all, that is the beauty of life!!!