The extraordinary believer  

A recent conversation with a friend led to the discussion about being the extraordinary woman who will turn any man who is in her life into someone who is way better than what he was when she met him. It got me thinking, not just about a man, a husband or boyfriend, but every relationship that surrounds me. I want to be the kind of woman who turns lemons in people’s lives into lemonade, that one person who can make them see beyond their situation. That person who believes in their dreams for them when they stop doing so.  The one who gives them the push when life is pressing heavily on them. And for that man who is blessed enough to be in my life, I want to be the rock that will stand unshaken as far as dreams and storms are concerned.

This I write because I know the power that lies behind believing in people’s dreams, in standing by them always, in believing in them even when they themselves have stopped doing so. And this I write also because one day, when I stop believing in my dream, I am going to need someone to stand by me, believe for me, with me and remind me that I am that young and beautiful elegant innovator with the dream that will change my world.BqMYN9iCcAA5t68


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