Kings are not made on coronation day, but in the desert fighting with lions and bears!!

King David, quite a man that i would love to be in character. enjoying my last Sunday sermon, I listened intrigued as I got a deeper understanding of how kings were never made on coronation day. Just like champions are not made on the day of the battle. All the hard work, challenges, trials, brief glories, are a preparation for the greater glory to come, even Joseph had to learn in slavery and servanthood until he was equipped to rule the economic power of the world of his time. so the bitter-sweet truth is this, it all pays off in the end. Molding a strong, resilient, insanely cool personality doesn’t come easy, after all even gold goes through the fire.#throughitall


If people walk out of our lives, their part in our story is dead.

Many a times we find ourselves stuck in the past and holding onto things, onto people who were a part of us but time lets them escape our tight embraces. It is one thing to remember, and another not to let go. at some point along the journey, we have to come to a realization that their part in the story is dead, don’t struggle to resurrect them or you will spend your life poking on graves. The bitter sweet truth is that we have to be mature enough to know when to let go of the people and cherish the memories.