Dreams of a young African woman

I stand, I fight, i wish, I dream, I hope and sweat. This all, just a product of the dreams that i have as a woman who has wished for better. growing up, my parents have provided me with all i need, and have made it a point that, to get what I want, I work. and i stand here today, as a young proud African woman, working for what i want and what my kids will need, hopefully what they will want. I care about everything and anything, the way I look, first impressions, how I spend my time, my grades in school, the job that I have and all that has emancipated from dreams I have harbored ever since childhood. I stand today as a product of what I have told myself and what I still make myself believe I want to be. I go to sleep and think about the small steps that I have taken towards my dreams. I plot and plan because I want to be better, I have to be better for my dreams to come true. I rise that ladder, I walk the long walk because I believe that I am going to achieve anything and everything, for myself, my family, my country and my world. I am a PROUD YOUNG AFRICAN WOMAN…


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